Client NIVEA

Project NIVEA Anti Age Money Back Promotion

Skills Insurance-leveraged Marketing, Redemption Website and Management, Customer Service


In early 2018 J&C were asked by NIVEA to help facilitate the money back guarantee offer on their entire Anti Age product range.

This offer was to be promoted by a strong ATL campaign, along with in-store support from the thousands of retailers across Australia and NZ.


We provided NIVEA with a turn-key solution at a fixed cost that accounted for all 140,000 eligible products sold during the promotion period.

As part of our services, we developed an online platform for a hassle-free customer journey that handled receipt upload, feedback and prompt delivery of the VISA gift cards.


Our turn-key solution allowed NIVEA to successfully execute the campaign with zero risk. Just as importantly, it ensured that the fulfilment was smooth for customers.

As a testament to our services, we were engaged by NIVEA to run a similar campaign in consecutive years.