Client Freedom Furniture New Zealand

Project Freedom Ecommerce Website

Skills Brand Communication, Art Direction, Cutomer Experience, Digital Marketing, Media Support, UX Design, UI Design


As purchase behaviours started to shift, more and more customers were going online to purchase their furniture and accessories.

To meet this growing customer need, Freedom needed to transition their website from an online catalogue into an ecommerce store and build the brand's presence online.


Customer experience and ease of use were the two driving factors at the heart of our solution.

In collaboration with Freedom, the J&C team of UX, UI and Digital Designers, Developers, QA Testers and Account Service designed and implemented the complete ecommerce solution.


Freedom NZ's ecommerce website went from $0 to $1 million in online sales in just 144 days. Within a year, it easily became their biggest ‘store’ – grossing higher sales than any of their bricks and mortar stores.