Client ECCO

Project ECCO New Vitrus Men's Range

Skills Design, Brand Strategy, Media Strategy and Management


Create awareness for the ECCO brand, as well as put a spotlight on ECCO’s new range of VITRUS Men’s shoes. VITRUS is perfect for the confident business executive during the day and the chivalrous man at night. The ECCO VITRUS range is a fusion of innovative technology and artisanal traditions, to produce a lighter shoe that has true modern comfort and can be enjoyed ‘straight out of the box’.


We targeted areas near the ECCO stores and executed outdoor signage (light rail & light boxes), digital media, in-store POS and a consumer activation (shoe shines) to entice these potential VITRUS customers into stores.


The new VITRUS Men’s range engaged millions of people across all media channels, getting the brand exposure ECCO were after. New customers were exposed to the brand and the lift in sales showed this. ECCO will keep VITRUS as part of their core range.